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Excerpt:Sweet Soldier

Kali Sweet Series

Inside my apartment suite at the Institute, Rad leaned against my chest of drawers, his face a storm cloud. “So you’re drinking from the bastard directly now?”

How many times were we going to have this conversation? His tone rubbed like sandpaper and I didn’t want to fight. Fight we would though. Being a blood slave to a Master vamp was my worst nightmare, even if Dru and I were friends, but it was also the least of my worries at the moment.

“Direct from the source is the most satisfying. You know that.” I stalked over to him, flipped him around so his hands were on the wall and withdrew the silver dagger he kept hidden at the small of his back. Scoring my wrist, I tossed the dagger aside and slipped between him and the wall, lifting my bleeding wrist to his mouth. “Drink, slave.”

His aura flashed with need, a hot, pulsing sensation that engulfed me and started a throb between my legs. Pressing me against the wall, he kissed my lips thoroughly, parting them and teasing me with his tongue. I returned the ardent kiss and encircled one of his legs with mine.

He sucked on my wrist next, gently tormenting the edges of the wound with his tongue and lapping at the blood. His talented fingers had no trouble de-robing me. One hand toyed with my breasts, the other slid up and down my inner thigh, building a terrible, wonderful craving between my legs.

I arched into him, slamming my hips against his and feeling the bite of his belt buckle into my bare skin. His mouth left my wrist and he lifted me, carrying me to the bed. I’d just unzipped his pants when a sharp knock sounded on the apartment door.

“Kali? What’s taking so long? Everyone’s waiting.”

Yasmin. I searched the floor for the dagger I’d tossed away. “It hasn’t even been five minutes,” I added bitch under my breath. “I’m getting cleaned up.”

“It’s been twenty minutes. Get your ass in gear.” Slut, she said under her breath, just loud enough for me to hear.


Time had slipped away from me. Always did when I was with Rad.

He chuckled softly as I gave Yasmin the middle finger and the front of his very full jeans a disappointed look. “I am going to kill her one of these days.”

“We could leave. Get out of town for a while. Fly out to Hollywood early for the awards ceremony.”

“What ceremony?”

He frowned. “The People’s Choice Awards. Remember? I told you the Chaos Demons had been nominated for a couple of awards.”

Oops. “Sorry, I forgot. Awards ceremonies are not on the top of my list right now. You know I can’t leave town.”

He was pissed, but he helped me off the bed, slapped one of my ass cheeks as I headed for the bathroom. “At least Yasmin’s honest about hating you.”

Change of subject. Definitely pissed.

I stopped in the doorway and grabbed my chest, doing my best Maddy gesture while trying to lighten the mood. “Yasmin hates me?”

“I know your job comes first, I just wish you could take a vacation.” He motioned at my hair. “Probably need to brush that.”

“I need a shower and three days of uninterrupted sleep, but neither is going to happen. I’d kill for a vacation. That’s not happening either.” Avoiding the mirror over the bathroom sink, I washed off my wrist, which was already healing and snagged my hairbrush, attacking the tangled mess the same way I attacked everything else in life.

The simple act of straightening and smoothing the hairs into a ponytail calmed me. I snapped a hair band around the base and got dressed. Rad watched me with his golden eyes. His aura was contained, the emotions forced down behind a wall. He was still thinking about Dru and stewing about it.

I sat on the bed next to him, tugging on a pair of thigh-high boots with a bevy of weapons hidden in their silver hardware. “Jealous much, demon?”

My tone was light and teasing, but his response was all heat and desire. His gaze dropped to my feet, then traveled up my legs, lingering on the juncture between my thighs before continuing its slow perusal upward. One of his fingers traced the top of my cleavage now held up by a leather bustier. My nipples tingled, the pulsing sensation returning to my lower body. His fingers trailed up behind my ponytail, latching onto my neck, and his lips stopped just short of mine.

They grazed my cheek, trailed down to my neck. His low words vibrated against my skin. “The vampire’s blood may give you sustenance, but I’m the only male who will ever satisfy you, demon.”

My head spun, my nipples puckered. I licked my lips, thinking about all the ways Rad could satisfy me. A shudder ran through my body and his magic gripped me like a vise.

Rad lifted his face to look me in the eye. Sex magic snapped between us, but there was more. Much more. “Tu me comprends, mon couer?”

Did I understand? That I was his heart? His only love? The one and only thing that could damn him to hell?

Mais oui,” I answered in French the way I had two-hundred and eighty plus years ago. “I understand.”

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