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Keeper Kase Cards

If you’re not familiar with this fun new item, it's the brainchild of New York Times Bestselling author Dianna Love. It’s a photo album or "brag book" that holds multiple 4″ x 6″ signed book covers of your favorite books (e- or print!).


I have cards for the SCVC Taskforce (Deadly) Series and the Justice Team Series.


Want to receive one? Send me an email (misty@readmistyevans.com) with your street address and I’ll send you a card!


Check out these authors for more Keeper Kase® covers:


Adrienne Giordano

Kelly L. Stone

Tracey Devlyn

Anne Elizabeth

Berinn Rae

Colleen Gleason

Joss Ware

Debbie Kaufman

Jeanne Adams

Nancy Naigle

Nancy Northcott

Marilyn Baron